Coronavirus protection

Is Coronavirus outbreak a stressful time?

Coronavirus Anxiety:
Coping with Stress, Fear & Uncertainty

Artwork during stressful times of CoronavirusThe outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) may be stressful for people. 

Top two things on everyone’s minds are:

“Is it coming to my neighborhood”?

“Am I at risk”?

National anxiety is a shared stress at the moment. However, the more you stress, the more you become exposed to viruses.

This is only because stress can easily dampen your immune system. Outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is stressful for humanity on the planet.

“Fear and anxiety over a disease is overwhelming and can lead to strong emotions amongst adults and children,” says Dr. Maroof Siddiqui, a G-Certified Homeopathic Doctor and Expert.

Dr. Maroof’s clinic – Advanced Homeopathy – brings you, five essential steps to push back anxiety.

Coronavirus Protection through alcohol-based hand sanitizer

1. Plan Ahead to feel more in control

Those of us who like to take charge or are prone to anxiety can lead basic steps to prepare for the possibility of an outbreak in their neighborhood. This will bring a sense of relief. In these difficult times, rely only on very trustworthy sources for your information.

2. Unplug & Learn to be in the moment

Obsessing over news has the unintended effect of driving up your fear. The coronavirus outbreak has given us opportunity to re-learn how to live in the present times – How to live now! News alerts do not change your risk of getting coronavirus. Staying at home does.

3. You need to Prioritize Good Sleep

Whilst there’s a lot to learn about the new Coronavirus, well-rested people are better at fending off viruses. So sleep well.

4. Exercise & Eat Well

This is always a good advice. Daily exercise can help promote feelings of well-being and it will boost your immunity. For instance, physical activity protects against symptoms of anxiety, keeping you busy and in shape too.

5. Wash Your Hands for 20 seconds

When an infectious disease hits a community, you can’t sterilize your entire environment. Taking a handful of preventative actions will help reduce your risk. Washing your hands regularly is one of them.

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