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Why having right mindset is important in virtual world

Strategic Thinking
to move to the next level

COVID-19 has accelerated an endless number of transformative initiatives that are otherwise put on hold indefinitely. Among all, remote work was the one that witnessed the sharpest growth. In fact, numerous employers have turned remote work into a permanent perk and a competitive advantage to attract new talents. However, this also comes with its share of drawbacks. With fewer networking opportunities, employees find it difficult to project to the leadership that they are ready for the next level. They tend to be overlooked and isolated. This impacts employee productivity, the ability to manage peer-to-peer connections, and the spirit to pick up newer prospects. This initiative by Raisina Hill will help you unlock the ability to win in the virtual work world as well as make an impact on your peers and bosses in person using the fundamental concepts of.

👉Having the right mindset to win in the work world

👉Messaging and communication style to show we are ready for the next level

👉Be memorable enough and stand out

The Right Mindset

The right mindset begins with a powerful decision – whether we want to be good or great.

Decision Making

To break from the good zone to the great zone the employees must–

1. Understand the rules of the game in the organization. This primarily includes:

• A good customer story that sets you apart

• Express to the organization what they want to hear

• Figure out the rules of the organization

• Align your rules with the organizational rules

2. Creating Green patches – It essentially means creating something memorable for the person to remember about you. There are five places where you can create green patches:

• 1:1 meeting

• Group meetings – small or large

• Conference calls

• Presentations

• Virtual social events

The key is to have an impactful opening line for all the above occasions. Consider below examples:

1:1 Meeting

• I have 3 important topics to review today, a, b, c, is there any one you want me to spend more time on.

• I have 3 important topics to review today, a, b, c, that will take our performance to the next level.

As clearly seen, the second line makes an impact over the first one and conveys your ‘right’ mindset with the person you are having discussion.

Group Meetings

• There is one crucial angle we have not explored yet…

• There is one crucial angle we have not explored that will have a profound impact on our entire customer acquisition strategy…

The second statement will get the leadership team listen to you and reinforce your position as a strategically thinking employee. This is a green patch you would want to leave in the memory of leadership.

Conference Calls

• I have a serious question we need to address…

• I have a serious question we need to address that will enable us to eliminate _______ for our entire ______

In the second statement the point is conveyed immediately and effectively.

right mindset


• We have carefully chosen three ideas on the next slide that will secure our growth and profitability for the foreseeable future

Starting with this statement, broader thinking is highlighted to the audience and an agenda is setup effectively right from the beginning.

Virtual Social Events

• Basis your thoughts, I believe this will not only impact my team but also our region, to think of it, our entire organization

This statement highlights that you are not just focused at your level but you also have strategic thinking to move to the next level.

3. Building Trust

• Be true to your word and follow through your actions

• Ensuring accountability and not passing the buck

• Communicate effectively

• Provide constructive feedback

4. Coaches and Recognizes

• Listen to understand

• Challenge and support

• Establish next steps and accountability

• Ask powerful questions

These piece is part of a series of papers on how using the right mindset one can improve their communication skills and become memorable in the virtual world.

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