Kanput Shahshad Leave Wife Dispute
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Why can’t you be Shamshad

“Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi,
Tum Dekhte Rahio”

What do you do when your wife goes back to her parent’s home? Learn from Shamshad Ahmed who asked for leave from his boss to fetch his wife back.

In a bizarre sequence of events, Shamshad Ahmed, a Kanpur government clerk, wrote a letter to his superior, asking for a 3-day emergency leave so that he could meet and request his wife to return from her mother’s house.

The couple had a tussle after which the wife left the house and went to her parental home. But, one fine day in August this year, Shamshad approached his boss, a block department officer (BDO), with the application titled – ‘Leave application regarding bringing wife from her maternal home’.

For Shamshad to reveal that he’s anguished by his wife’s departure after a conjugal fight, is an act of bravery. The letter to address the couple’s spat is courageous and exhibits a new dimension of equality.

When we usually approach our boss, it is common to be anxious and therefore we prefer keeping real reasons under blanket. One may consider such act as work-life balance but it can also be perceived as deceitful.

Kanput Shahshad Leave Wife Dispute

Look at Shamshad’s approach wherein he mentioned the subject of the application as ‘Leave application regarding bringing wife from her maternal home’ and shared the reason of spat as ‘pyar-mohabbat ki baat’.

It definitely has many connotations but for his boss, the letter must have felt so genuine henceforth he granted him leave. One cannot stop but hope that the couple worked things out and appreciate the Kanpur BDO for displaying humanity.

Certainly, this method of resolving dispute without any mediation or any negotiation is the newest in our country.

In Shamshad’s instance, the BDO actually carried out the responsibilities of a marriage counsellor and made an effort to facilitate a reconciliation because, in the absence of that, an unpleasant turn of events would have occurred.

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