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Sonu Sood: The Hero We Need

Mumbai has found
a new Bhai

While he may not be the quintessential ‘hero’ in the Indian cinema, Sonu Sood has emerged as a Hero for thousands of migrant workers.

He has helped India in many ways to fight the COVID-19 crisis, amidst the draconian lockdown that came as a shocker especially for common people.

Sonu Sood not only arranged buses for migrant workers, but also provided his Mumbai hotel for accommodation to the people in need.

Sonu Sood
Hailed for helping migrants: Sonu Sood has been helping thousands of migrant workers, stranded by the draconian COVID-19 lockdown, return home.

The Bollywood actor also arranged chartered flights for migrant workers who needed to travel long distances to be with their families.

He has been active on social media, more particularly Twitter, replying to people’s queries in direct and easy to understand languages, and promising them immediate help.

Sonu Sood believes his humble background and the values of his parents have motivated him to start the ‘Ghar Bhejo’ project.

What motivated Sonu Sood to jump at once

He told a newspaper, “When I saw those migrants walking on the roads, with their kids, elders, those were the most disturbing visuals of my life. I decided I am not going to sit at home and crib about it.”

In Septmeber, 2019, Sonu Sood had jotted his Man Ki Baat in these words – I am learning to trust the journey even when I don’t understand it. May be, this time, he found answers to the calls that came straight from innocent hearts.

Humanity still exists in this world

When no one was paying any heed towards the plight of the migrants who were walking from one state to another, Sonu Sood came as blessing for them.

This Punjab Ratna awardee compelled the society to ask the question – What makes a real hero? Is it the exaggerated muscle flexing to fight the villains as portrayed in the movies?

We have been fed this image of a ‘hero’ by the popular culture, but Sonu Sood has successfully shattered this stereotype.

He has proved that to be a real ‘hero’ you only need a firm resolve to help those in need and take action for them.

Sonu Sood has made it his mission to help every migrant worker who is found to be in distress, which has earned accolades from celebrities, politicians and public alike.

No wonder he has been praised for his work, and is now a trending topic on all social media platforms.

His groundwork to help those in need has been exceptional and people have gone as far as worshipping him with their Gods. He has shown who the real ‘Bhai’ of Mumbai is!

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