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How important is effective communication style

If the people you are speaking to don’t understand you,
your message is lost

COVID-19 has accelerated an endless number of transformative initiatives that are otherwise put on hold indefinitely. Among all, remote work was the one that witnessed the sharpest growth. In fact, numerous employers have turned remote work into a permanent perk and a competitive advantage to attract new talents. However, this also comes with its share of drawbacks. With fewer networking opportunities, employees find it difficult to project to the leadership that they are ready for the next level. They tend to be overlooked and isolated. This impacts employee productivity, the ability to manage peer-to-peer connections, and the spirit to pick up newer prospects. This initiative by Raisina Hill will help you unlock the ability to win in the virtual work world as well as make an impact on your peers and bosses in person using the fundamental concepts of.

👉Having the right mindset to win in the work world

👉Messaging and communication style to show we are ready for the next level

👉Be memorable enough and stand out

Messaging and Communication style

The whole messaging concept evolves around the German saying, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” To this I would also add, “Getting to the point quickly.”

Communication and messaging are powerful tools to showcase your broader thinking with respect to Geography, People, and Structure.

To showcase broader thinking an employee must think strategically beyond area, country, and region in terms of geography.

In terms of people, an employee must understand the impact of policies and processes on different levels, to different functions and demonstrate an organizational perspective.

With respect to structure, awareness should be showcased for group, business unit, and the organization.

However, it must be remembered that only clear and concise communication is impactful.

Having a library for memorable stories is an added advantage to showcase a strategic view and inspire people to act.


Communication involves live talking which means that people you are talking to cannot pause or stop your speech or ask you to rewind certain sections of your talk for clarity.

Hence, it is important to articulate every word as clearly as possible. If the people you are speaking to don’t understand you, your message is lost.

At the same time, be conscious that you don’t go overboard with your explanations. Get to the point, immediately. Communicate the bottom-line as quickly as possible.


You need to present your information with clarity. Good presentation skills mean engaging and connecting with the audience to share your message across.

Effective Messaging

An impressive story line in the presentation appeals to the emotions and is a great way to convince and inspire action in others.

Problem Solving

The key to problem solving is proper communication that ensures implementation of effective solutions and involves bringing the concerned stakeholders on the same page.

A good communicator will ensure problem solving through active listening, verbal and written communication, receiving and giving feedback, and respect.

The ability to drive the rationale for certain decisions will ensure collaboration between the stakeholders on various options available.

An expert communicator can help the stakeholders evaluate the pros and cons before arriving to any decision.


Storytelling activates the function of ‘neural coupling’ in brain. This enables the listener to convert the ideas presented in the story in their own experiences making the communication more relatable.

Storytelling creates an immersive experience and brings participation from across the audience. It boosts feelings of trust, empathy, and compassion and motivates people to act.


The biggest and most important feature is the inspiration in the message conveyed.  A message that moves audience to act, persuades them, guides them, and assures them will showcase your effectiveness as a powerful communicator.

These piece is part of a series of papers on how using the right mindset one can improve their communication skills and become memorable in the virtual world.

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