Meaning of I am fine

#2words: I’m Fine

Ask me,
I ain't got no problems

These words are often spoken, and the best part is that they denote so many feelings.

Mostly it is spoken to shoo off the other person from asking too many questions, and to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Many times it has been used as a meme where you see this girl in anime saying I’m fine. Half of the picture is in colour with a smile and the other half is black and white with a tear drop which denotes hidden feelings.

It’s sarcastic at times when you say in anger, at the same time you do want the other person to probe into your thoughts deeper but you can’t admit that.

This is also the source of multiple jokes and memes between two people in love, where one says I’m Fine, which means – nothing is fine!

Well, it’s English language and words can be twisted into multiple uses and yet be carried with grace.

Of all those who say I’m Fine, there may be just two out of a hundred who actually mean yes I’m Fine, I’m good,  All is Well and say it in the same tone.

And then there are songs! I’m Fine by BTS, I’m Fine by Hazel English and one by William Blake ft Nevve is well received.

As the William Blake song goes… you sing along!

“I’m fine
On the outside
Ain’t that what it looks like?
Ask me, I ain’t got no problems
I ain’t got a care in the world
Yeah, I’m so fine
On the outside.”

Meaning of I am fine

Well, we wait for the day when I’m Fine would really mean what it means in the English language and not the lingo of the heart.

The same heart which sometimes tries to pull out and bravely says, yes I’m Fine, disguises and avoids all convo by saying, Yeah, I’m Fine! Irony, eh!

The latest I’m Fine which we hear now-a-days is, when one sneezes and is scared and so they say Oh, I’m Fine. It’s just a sneeze, running nose, slight cough, I’m Fine!

Eventually it comes to this that you feel it deep down, but you say, I’m Fine!

May YOU really be Fine.

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