We dream, we pray, we hope for better days

#2Words: Better Days


We dream, we pray, we hope for better days.

“We have seen better days”, as William Shakespeare would say. But he also says it’s a brave new world along with many other phrases that we use daily.

This two-word phrase was first coined when people had fallen on hard times who were previously wealthy. In recent times, it has seen deeper meanings than just losing wealth.

In today’s world, mental health has taken a toll on people due to which they are increasingly becoming unhappy with their lives. People say they have seen ‘better days’ at work, at home, or in any given tough situation.

The phrase is also frequently associated with objects, especially jewelry, shoes, clothes. If the shoes are worn out and someone points them out, we often end up saying, these shoes have seen better days.

In India, political outfit Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) first used the words ‘Achhe Din’ which means ‘Better Days’ are coming. The slogan was used in 2014 with the intention of conveying a prosperous future which was in store if BJP came to power.

The popular Hong Kong romance suspense drama ‘Better Days’ based on a novel, draws attention about the realities and pressure of Chinese students taking exams and the universal problem of bullying.

While a bullied teenage girl copes the pressures of her final examinations, she forms an unlikely friendship with a mysterious young man who protects her from her assailants. Drop down in the comments below if you have seen the Oscar-nominated movie and how you would describe your better days.

This phrase is also a musical magic since it has influenced songwriting in a big way. One such song on the theme worth talking about is:

Run away, run away
Take your time keep saying a prayer
Recognize me when you sneak in
Don’t be cruel
Open up your heart and say
Hold on there will be better days gonna be better days
God oh god please help me
I need someone that can guide me the right way the right way
I don’t need you to judge me
I just need someone to love me the right way
We dream we hope we pray for better days

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