time flies faster when you are happy

#2Words: Time Flies

How often you end up saying
“Doesn’t it seem like time passed quickly?"

Did you know that time flies faster when you are happy? Hence advertising companies use this expression more like “Have Fun Today”.

Imagine a scenario when you are sitting with someone and having a good time. You often end up saying “Doesn’t it seem like time passed quickly? I can’t believe it”.

Origins of the two-word phrase – Time Flies

The expression dates to 1800, when it was used by many poets in their poems in Latin.

It was not until 1900, that the phrase gained popularity. Today, we see it in social media channels and hashtags.

Latin phrase ‘Tempus Fugit’ seems to be its possible origin. In any case, the term is a poignant reminder of the swift passage of time, and one needs to make the most of it in the present moment.

More about Tempus Fugit: According to dictionary dot com, one cannot get more classical than tempus fugit “time flies,” a phrase that occurs in the Georgics, a poem about farming and country life published around 29 B.C. by the Roman poet Vergil (70-19 B.C.). Tempus Fugit entered English in the late 18th century.

time flies faster when you are happy

Don’t we need to be more mindful, set priorities, and embrace change in life?

In the 2015 spy film Spectre, James Bond mentions ‘Tempus Fugit’ as he destroys the Moroccan base.

Today, people are busy with their errands and back-to-back in zoom meetings and expected to be responsive on emails as well.

In Design Thinking, there is a framework ‘Eyes On, Hands On, Horizon Framework which closely resembles tempus fugit.

  • Eyes on: This work I don’t need to do currently but must not forget.
  • Hands on: These are actions which I need to work on with focus.
  • Horizon: This is a category of issues and developments that are about to get on my radar.

Usually, the ideal situation is to run through the Sprint at the beginning of the week to ensure timely prioritization and work on the right thing and time and make correct choices always.

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