Coronavirus Helmet by coronawarrior Gowtham
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Coronawarrior Gowtham wants to see fear in people’s eyes

His Coronavirus Helmet is making people
stay at home during lockdown

First he distributed biscuits, soaps and masks to the homeless, and then came the Coronavirus Helmet. Meet B Gowtham whose Art Kingdom organisation had not been heard off until he super-improvised a helmet during the Corona-related lockdown.

Coronavirus Helmet by coronawarrior Gowtham

Gowtham, 27, has been active with social issues which would not get any attention, and now even the international media is interviewing him after finding his creative ways to get a message across.

Realising that it’s going to be very hard for people on the street amid the outbreak of the pandemic, Gowtham decided to do his bit to spread the meaning of the two-word phrase Social Distancing.

Police scaring people on street during lockdown with coronavirus helmet

His creative method to enlighten the commoners seemed to have worked during the lockdown. A police officer was widely seen wearing his ‘coronavirus helmet’ to warn people to stay inside.

His coronavirus helmet-wearing police successfully stopped vehicles and pedestrians at checkpoints.

The helmet, as it can be seen, is covered in red spikes with bulbs on the end, just like the microscopic image of the coronavirus, which causes the disease Covid-19.

Coronawarrior B Gowtham.
Coronawarrior B Gowtham.

Gowtham improvised the helmet using newspapers and tissue papers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the lockdown on March 24, and it went into effect midnight that day.

In a monthly radio address to the nation, Modi apologized for the lockdown and the difficulties it imposed on citizens, but reiterated that it was the only option.

A mechanical engineering graduate, coronawarrior Gowtham is also a wall artist.

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