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6 secrets to getting the job you want

Apply for that dream job
you have been wanting

Is there any secret or magic behind getting the job you want? Read on to know the six most important Dos and Don’ts of the interview world.


This is the single most important trait one can display in an interview to make sure that you get the position applied for.

Imagine being the boss of a large multi-national company and needing to delegate an important work to someone and not finding anybody who can say with confidence that s/he will do it.

It must be a terrible situation to be in. You should be supremely confident in your answers.

However, there is a thin line between confidence and over-confidence or cockiness which you should never cross.


While many people feel nervous facing an important test, this is where you can score brownie points over them.

Your personality plays a very important role in making sure that you get selected.

The people who are interviewing you know that if they select you, you will be working with them and judge you accordingly.

If they don’t think that you will be a good colleague to work with they will probably not hire you.


This point is somewhat related to the previous point. A pleasing personality is of no use if it cannot be displayed when it is most needed.

When you enter the interview room, walk upright and smartly. Greet the interview board with a smile. Is there any secret or magic behind getting the job you want?

Be polite and optimistic in your answers. Don’t be too critical of anything even if you do not like it.

Talk at an audible but decent pitch. Don’t shout or don’t be too soft.


The least you can do is present yourself as someone who is sincere and responsible to the interview board.

Before going for an interview, give yourself adequate time to prepare yourself.

Do some in depth research about the organization you have applied for.

It will help you immensely if you research what your job profile will be, what will you be expected to do once you are selected and what will be your expectations be from the organization.


The basic component of any successful relationship is trust. Your interview is the beginning of your relationship with the organization.

Make sure that whatever you tell them is true because any falsehood will eventually be called out and it will spoil your chances of selection.

Even if there are questions the answers of which you do not know, be honest and tell the board that you are unaware but you will surely look it up at the earliest.

No one wants to work with someone who is dishonest and cannot be trusted. So be the most honest version of you.

Bio Data

The interview board does not know you personally. They are rank strangers.

The first image of yours is created in their minds by going through your Curriculum Vitae or Resume.apply for that dream job

You know that first impression is the last impression.

Make sure you create a good first impression in their minds and there is no better way of doing this than by making sure that you have an impressive CV.

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These are some of the basic yet most important points which one should keep in mind while preparing for an interview.

What is even better that you don’t have to try too hard to incorporate any of these habits.

It is really simple and they are all inter-connected as well making it even easier to practice.

If you have done your research well and are well prepared, you will be confident while going for the interview because nothing makes one feel confident like knowledge.

If you are confident you will be motivated to do well which will make you put in efforts to look presentable and behave in pleasant manner.

Since you are prepared you will not feel the urge to lie either in your CV or in the actual interview. Simple isn’t it?

Now go out there, apply for that dream job you have been wanting, because now you have the confidence to face the interview board.

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