How to dress up in office. Photo by Cory Aronec

ABC of office image

You should appear like the role you aspire to be

How can you develop a good office image, when there are a multitude of different personalities interacting on a daily basis!

In today’s offices, people from different walks of life are placed under one roof and are expected to perform effectively. How will you bond together?

Every office desires you to dress well and be part of a successful business.

Dress Code to build your Office Image

If you work in an office, this podcast is must for you to hear and share. 

Here is where an image consultant comes into picture. An image consultant gives you honest opinion about how you look, what to pick, what color goes along with you.

Hear this podcast to bring out the things that’s within you.

In conversation: Chithera, an image consultant from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Likes to follow political happenings in India & across the world. Cares for women & children. Concerned about poverty across the continents.