Taking Stand and Expressing Views and Opinion
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#2words: Taking Stand

People Notice When
You Take A Stand

We take a stand. Many change their stands. Some stick to their stands. Adopting a firm position about an issue, needs courage. No wonder, majority does not appear willing to take a stand and hold ground. 

“People notice when you take a stand. It shows courage. It shows leadership. Don’t risk losing out on opportunities to speak up and hold your ground,” reads an article in Forbes. 

We can understand ‘taking a stand’ this way also, through a discussion on Quora:

“Take an example, If you are among the group of 5. On an issue if 4 have a common opinion say A and you are the only one with a different opinion B. Even if your opinion seems to be wrong, you are being criticized for and clearly you are in minority. Despite all the odds, if you are still sticking with your opinion then that’s called Taking a Stand.”

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