Teen Abuse

How to stop teen abuse

What a teen should do if abused!

Teens discuss so many stories about sexual abuses daily. In many cases the people responsible are strangers, but in majority the abuser is someone we know.

Well the question is – when you are abused by someone you know, in that situation, what do you do?

This is a tricky situation as your relations are at stake. We also think who would believe? What would people say?

Women face these kinds of situations everywhere, be it home or work or even while commuting. The maximum they do is to shrug away and show some displeasure.

Many a time a women is mistaken for being a flirt in case she is over friendly.

How does one stop this abuse and how does one deal with it? In such cases if you shun the person and ignore, you are made guilty of misbehaviour and you can’t bring yourself to the point of telling everyone that this is happening!

Teen Abuse

Be it your best friend or family, no one will take it nicely and all you will get is a blame, which will be spelled as, “You only must have done something.”

G Caffe pointer rightThe first is to free yourself from all the guilt. To begin with, you have not done anything wrong. When one is able to do that then the answers start pouring in, the path is clear and the burden lightened.

G Caffe pointer rightStop feeling sorry and stand up for your dignity. Many a mishaps can be avoided if you deal with it with a confidence that says, “Do not mess with me.” Free yourself and live life your way.

Love and sex are the two most beautiful elements of human kind and are the ones which are mostly misused too. It is sad that such a beautiful emotion is wasted and forced down the throat of many who go through such situations.

Love yourself and do not let others make you feel unloved in any way. You are special and have a right to a dignified life.

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