How was your first day at school?

It was year 2000. I had joined a school which my daughter attended. I was familiar with the environment and surroundings for I visited the campus often as a parent.

But as a teacher – on the first day – I was a bit clueless. How the children would accept me as their new teacher – I kept thinking.

My daughter was very happy though. She was excited – her mother would teach in the same school.

Having been allotted a class of 35 inquiring wide-eyed children of 4 to 5 years of age, I saw them coming to school almost crying. It was their first day in the school too.

I decided we have to be friends. I planned, struggled and prayed they must come tomorrow with open arms, all smiling. And it did happen.

They came another day, smiling indeed; but what added colours to my excitement was a boy who, upon reaching the school gate, told his mother: “May you please go home, my ma’am is here now.” His childlike-stammering is still so fresh in my memory, as if it was just yesterday.

That day I decided I will be a teacher throughout. And since then, teaching has been both my passion and profession. Strange are the ways of inspiration; you never know when and how and who will come all of a sudden from nowhere and say something, drop some words that echo in your ears and you get the inspiration to do what you ought to.

Thank you, Manish, for those innocent receptions that you gave me that day, trusting me and yes, inspiring me.

Observes, analyses & improves things that catch her fancy. Believes parents need more counselling than their children.