P K Tiwari
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Salute on Father’s Day

How comfortable you feel when your father showers his love by simply tapping, hugging or just moving his hands over your head and slowly makes you understand values of life and gives little moral lessons!

My father, my idol, I feel has been the best in imparting his high moral values in me.

Our relations have been very understanding. People say girls are more close to their fathers and boys to their moms. They are right. I feel it from the inner core of my heart. He understands me.

P K Tiwari

We do not always need words for expressing ourselves but our eyes say it all. Many a times in life when the whole world stands against you, his gesture simply says that after all you are my ‘doll’. How do I leave you all alone?

I could realize it and could sense it even more when my daughter was born. Today she is 17 but still is pampered like a baby. I simply want to thank God for having blessed me with my father. He is the world to me.

On this Father’s Day, and every day, I salute him with all respect and love and just want to say you have been a teacher, a mentor, a guide and above all my Father.

Observes, analyses & improves things that catch her fancy. Believes parents need more counselling than their children.