Click photos while travelling

Photos help tell the story of the places that we visit and therefore we click photos while travelling. Don’t you? For better results, try overhead shots and strive for natural light. We should not waste time taking flat and lifeless photos as good photographs bring quite a recognition.

These days, food makes an excellent subject for still life photography, and as such we can produce artistic results even with our smartphones. But great photography means more than just snapping what we see. 

Must we mind and respect natural light which is the key to creating beautiful still life photos. While taking food pictures, it is always better to shoot in natural daylight rather than under artificial lighting.

When we illuminate our food with an artificial light such as a lamp, it’s likely to create an ugly orange or yellow colour cast in your photo.

When the weather is warm, we could try photographing our food outside. But we must avoid shooting in bright sun as it can cause exposure problems.

Camera-mounted flashes are pretty much off-limits for food photographers; pouring in light front-on will flatten your dish and dispel any delicate natural shadows that were present beforehand.

When shooting 360-degree photos, it’s best to use a tripod so there’s less chance of a blurred image. If using a smartphone, turn on your HDR setting to achieve richer colours.

It’s a myth that we need a super-wow camera to take nice photographs. If you have a phone that clicks well, shoot as you travel, shoot as you eat. These don’t just reflect an experience, there are stories waiting to be told.

G Caffe Founder & CEO. She says, "I fall in love with all that I see and always believe in giving the benefit of doubt."