Image Consulting
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ABC of image consulting

It is important to bring out the things that’s within you

As you grow, as you start your career, as you meet people, you should know what to say and most importantly you should know what not to.

A good appearance will make a good first appearance, but for making an everlasting impression you have to show your originality, confidence and strength to make you stand apart.

Image Consulting

Some people don’t know what to get, what to wear, what to buy that will make them look good.

Here is where an image consultant comes into picture. An image consultant gives you honest opinion about how you look, what to pick, what color goes along with you.

Hear this podcast to bring out the things that’s within you.

In conversation: Chithera, an image consultant from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Likes to follow political happenings in India & across the world. Cares for women & children. Concerned about poverty across the continents.