Compliment people with Good Job acknowledgement for their work
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#2words: Good Job

Recognition is the best motivation
a person can get

Take a moment and think about how many times you complain in a day. Now, compare this with the times you acknowledge someone during that day.

It is quite natural that we complain more and sometimes over minor issues. This is because it is easy to complain, but a certain conviction is required to acknowledge someone.

Compliment people with Good Job acknowledgement for their work

On the surface, it does not seem that we should bother ourselves to acknowledge others but think about it in your own context.

When you receive the acknowledgement you deserve for your work, it adds to your self-confidence.  

Most importantly, it adds to your happiness. Recognition is the best motivation a person can get.

If you decide once, it is not hard to say ‘Good Job’ or a simple ‘Thank You’ to people around you.

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Sometimes it can be a source of happiness to the people who work for you. A word of encouragement can inspire people to work hard and achieve their goals.

Time of crisis can be confusing and frightening, and as such you should not forget to appreciate yourself.

There will be times when there is no one to encourage and applaud you. Then, you have to be your own admirer.

You should never stop loving yourself because of some momentary setbacks. Instead, recognize yourself for emerging through the worst times.

The way to self-love and self-preservation is through self-gratification.

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