Keep quiet and listen carefully
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#2words: Keeping Quiet

Practice of keeping quiet makes us
much more understanding and calm

Keeping quiet is most often misunderstood as not being participative enough or showing disinterest. However, it’s just the opposite.

Keeping quiet enables us to listen better without a hustling intention to promptly respond. Listening enlightens us. The practice of keeping quiet makes us much more understanding and calm.

Keep quiet and listen carefully

Keeping quiet must not be confused with not resisting when required. It should, in fact, be seen as a process of gaining command over one’s understanding on the need and ways to resist.

Keep quiet about gender, caste and race when a person from the subjugated gender, caste and race speaks. Keep quiet and learn how ignorant your privileges made you. Keep quiet and unlearn every stereotype and insensitive assumption you grew up with.

All it takes to become better humans is keeping quiet.

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