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Everybody banning Alex Jones’ InfoWars

Alex Jones has been was permanently banned from Twitter, his InfoWars app has been kicked off the App Store, his branded accounts have been banned from YouTube, Pintrest, and Facebook.

  • Apple permanently banned InfoWars from the App Store.
  • Apple cited the App Store guidelines which forbids content that is offensive, insensitive, upsetting, intended to disgust, or in exceptionally poor taste.
  • Alex Jones’ social media accounts have been banned or removed for various social networks.


Does this mean his voice is gone completely

InfoWars (stylized as INFOWARS) is a far-right American conspiracy theorist and fake news website and media platform owned by Alex Jones’ Free Speech Systems.

Founded in 1999, its talk shows and other content are created primarily in studios at an undisclosed location in an industrial area outside Austin, Texas.

It is believed that The InfoWars website receives approximately 10 million monthly visits, making its reach greater than some mainstream news websites such as The Economist and Newsweek.

InfoWars earns revenue from the sale of products pitched by Jones during the show. It has been called as much an online store that uses Jones’s commentary to move merchandise, as a media outlet.

The Controversy

The site has regularly published fake stories which have been linked to harassment of victims. At the same time, InfoWars has been issuing retractions various times as a result of legal challenges.

It is alleged that during the 2016 US presidential election, the website was promoted by bots connected to the Russian government.

Alex Jones’ InfoWars has even accused the US government of planning the Oklahoma City bombing, the September 11 attacks, and of staging moon landings. Jones has described himself as a conservative, paleoconservative and libertarian, terms he uses interchangeably.

In February 2018, Jones was accused by two former employees of antisemitism, anti-black racism and sexual harassment of males and females. Jones denied the allegations.


In a latest, YouTube removed four of InfoWars’ uploaded videos that violated its policy against hate speech and suspended his posts for 90 days. Facebook also banned Jones after it determined four videos on his pages violated its community standards in July 2018.

According to a Google cache of his since-deleted Twitter account, Jones had about 896,000 followers, while InfoWars had over 430,000.

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