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How vlogger Nuseir Yassin went viral

Nuseir Yassin, better known by Nas Daily, quit his cushy New York tech job to travel the world full-time


At the age of 26, he holds a graduation degree in Economics from Harvard University with scholarship, has an experience of working as a software developer in Venmo, has had a saving of US $60,000, 20,000, has travelled over 60 countries, exploring cultures and making one minute videos daily and posting them on his Facebook page – Nas Daily – where he currently has over 7.9 million followers, and yet, he is still at 33 per cent life.

Meet Nuseir Yassin, the Arab-Israeli travel video blogger, who wears the same T-shirt every day.  At the Harvard, he concentrated in economics and took computer science courses on the side. Born in Arraba, a town in Israel, to a middle class family, Yassin learnt Arabic and Hebrew and was raised a Muslim.

In 2011, Yassin co-founded the website Kindify, a pay-it-forward registration service, with Gal Koren and Peregrine Badger. Then, in 2014, he started working as a software developer for payment service Venmo. By 2016, Yassin had earned and saved enough to quit his job and started traveling all over the world.

He started a Facebook page named Nas Daily, and committed to creating a video everyday for 1,000 days nonstop, out of which he has already reached the mark of 882.

In his 748th video, he confirmed to stick to his commitment. He said that when he started making videos, he thought he’d continue for 60 days only, ‘but this was so much fun, that (he) did it for 750 days straight’, but ‘because (he) can’t do this for the rest of (his) life, and 1000 seems like a good day to end on’, he will stop Nas Daily as soon as he hits 1000 benchmark. He confirms, in the same video, that whatever he does in future will be ‘bigger and better’.

I never thought my life was worth vlogging.

Click here to see the popular Nas Daily travel videos on Facebook. His videos provide an in-depth sight to the people’s lives and cultures throughout the world- from someone who doesn’t buy anything, to someone who rents a boyfriend, from a country which has the maximum number of languages, to the one where people don’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

His content is authentic, rich and diverse. It’s not on YouTube, which could fetch him more income, but Facebook, because he feels that “YouTube is going to die soon— it’s like an oligarchy”. Also, there aren’t any friends but usernames on YouTube, whereas on Facebook, there are ‘real people’.

A video maker and Yassin’s girlfriend from the United States, Alyne Tamir and another video blogger and musician from Poland, Agon Hare are amongst the few who travel with and assist Yassin in creating his videos. They run their separate projects, called ‘Dear Alyne’ and ‘Project Nightfall’, respectively.

As another website reveals, Yassin’s videos are shot in around six hours during the day, and edited in around three hours every night and posted the next morning. He ends his videos with the same tagline – That’s one minute, see you tomorrow!

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