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Issa Coffee Date?

You never take a sip of coffee;
you slurp it

International Coffee Day

Have you ever glanced at a stranger slurping coffee and felt the mere calmness of your taste buds?

You never take a sip of coffee; you slurp it. In the brief yet timeless moment, the tongue savours the proximity between the coffee planter and the roasted coffee beans. The strong aroma of freshly brewed coffee comforts all vessels and veins, bringing a homely warmth where your eyes automatically shut and your mind and heart sigh together in ecstasy.

Ask a coffee lover of bliss and they’d name it coffee.

Having a good cup of coffee with balanced flavours and acidity is certainly one of their most pious rituals. After a tiring day, the cup of coffee feels like a bag of solace packed in a bean.

‘I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.’ This line from TS Eliot’s poem ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ keeps coming back to you as its meaning advances with every sip you gulp.

The process of making coffee is no less than leisure

Measuring the beans for just the right amount of acidity, grinding them at just the right speed, letting them bloom in due time while the aroma fills my kitchen with flavours of an adult joy, a settling comfort and pure love.  

You come across different styles of coffee, and you also see some people preferring adding milk to their cuppa. The taste of coffee blended with milk and the froth that surfaces on its top is a sight to please the thirsty eyes and the last stage before the finally tasting of the divine.

Aah! The bliss!

Mind you, the comfort that coffee brings to the higgledy-piggledy of life is only best consumed in limits and measures.

Excessive intake of coffee would not only invite an unhealthy dependency and a long parade of diseases, but also would demean the royalty that coffee is. It’s best appreciated when its rare.

The constant battle between tea connoisseurs and javaphiles may never settle and rightly so. The love that rushes through one’s veins after taking a sip of their favorite beverage remains unhindered howsoever.

This International Coffee Day, let’s congratulate the goat herder, Kaldi for discovering coffee beans and rooting the cause of a bitter-sweet everlasting skirmish.

International Coffee Day

Some might call me a 'liberal'