Deleting Hyperlink from MS Word file.doct

How to remove hyperlinks in Word?

Without Losing Display Text

While copying a text from a website or online forum, many hyperlinked texts appear in a MS Word document.

Also, if any word or group of words is hash-tagged, it is likely that they will appear with hyperlink when copy-pasted in a word file.

How to remove the hyperlink

You can remove the hyperlink without losing the display text.

To remove a single hyperlink without losing the display text, right-click the hyperlink, and then click Remove Hyperlink.

However, many times the Remove Hyperlink option is difficult to find while right-clicking the hyperlinked text.

There may also be several hyperlinked texts in a word file.

In that case, you need to o remove the hyperlink(s) in a document, by pressing CTRL+A to select the entire document and then press CTRL+SHIFT+F9.

When you perform this operation, it converts all fields, not just hyperlinks, to plain text.

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