Foreigners in India's Vrindavan during Holi
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Let’s talk about India 2.0

Than Yesterday

It’s election time. Everyone is talking of a new India, a better India. But, where does my country stand today?

My country – India or Bharat or Hindustan, whatever you call, needs to be re-branded.

We need to create awareness at all levels on different social perspectives, too. 

The India which all of us is talking about is more modern than yesterday, and it has a majority of youth, and hence youthful. 

India is no more a country of hungry and antiquated, and no outsider may have any pre-conceived notion about this.

India is not any more the country of snake charmers, it is India 2.0 totally rebooted.

Indian Sadhu priest with cow

India is a functioning country, it is working, it is happening.

It is an independent country; people are freely raising their voices, together all of us are strengthening the country.

The modern times have seen some great discourses on women equality as well as same-sex relationships.

At the same time, people are aware that anything can go viral here – be it right or wrong. Even a wink of eye can win you millions of heart.

This reminds us that we have to put many a things right, still, and this is so crucial for the country.

Italian tourists in Vrindavan during Holi

A trip with Italian photographers around Vrindavan should not end like a shocking visit during which you’re greeted with unacceptable behavior.

If we want to champion the country as Incredible India, each one of us has to change and become better Indian.