say it loud
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#2words: Say It

regret not saying it loud

As simple as it sounds – just say it.

More than thousand times we keep silent, many times we gather strength but hold back and many a times it seems the right thing to do. But not always.

say it loud

If you simply do not say it, you can’t expect anyone to hear it.

The most difficult part is to get yourself to be so courageous to face the consequences of saying what you need, desire or want.

And it’s surely okay to feel so as this is the way we have been trained to grow – to be silent, not too demanding, to let it go. But not always. 

We must say it at times to be heard, be known, be free and most important be just. 

Just say it, and time will handle it all. At least you won’t regret not saying it loud. 

G Caffe Founder & CEO. She says, "I fall in love with all that I see and always believe in giving the benefit of doubt."