Explore Yourself
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#2words: Explore Yourself

& how high you can fly

We claim to be the most intelligent of all the species. Yet, there is so less that we know, and hence we need to learn.

A very important thing, thus, is to explore.

Before you tread on the world, you must explore yourself. You will be surprised by what all you can find. 

Be it courage, kindness, strength or the will power to do almost anything, what is it that you don’t have?

Explore your heart for the love you can share, explore your mind for the strength you possess, explore all your senses for all the sensuality that you try so hard to hide.

Explore how bright you can shine and how high you can fly. 

Explore Yourself – As there is nothing better than you. 

G Caffe Founder & CEO. She says, "I fall in love with all that I see and always believe in giving the benefit of doubt."