Google Chrome Web Browser is 10

Google’s new Chrome design launched with rounded tabs, new mobile layout, and updated password manager

Google Chrome has turned 10. What should you expect now from its software – the web browser? New user interface, new colours, new design!

Yes, Google released an update to mark the occasion. The update includes refreshed design, new ways to save your passwords, and a better autofill feature for safer transactions.


Find the new Chrome look across all platforms—desktop, Android, and iOS—where you’ll notice more rounded shapes, new icons and a new color palette.

  • Google celebrates Chrome’s 10th anniversary by giving it a huge overhaul.
  • The new update brings in both design and functionality changes.
  • Google’s browser set off a speed race and cut browser clutter when Sundar Pichai launched it in 2008.
  • The improvements are said to be a delight for someone who has a plethora of tabs open at all times on the browser.
  • Now, Chrome can more accurately fill in your passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers, so that you can breeze through online checkout forms.

Every time you open your browser, you have a mission to accomplish: trips to plan, emails to send, stories to read, skills to learn.

So, should we expect Google to give us a search bar with some big boost!


The new changes not only involve visual enhancements, but are also touted to improve the web surfing experience on a daily basis. The update is available across PC and Mac as well as Android and iOS versions.

If you are not using Google Chrome, get it now. Download Chrome and start browsing. Explore its claim of being fast, simple, and secure.

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