Wisdom to a sustainable journey

Sustainable Journey

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Sustainable Journey

Wisdom To A Sustainable Journey is the book about helping humankind to practice spirituality and adopt sustainable approaches for a better society.

It talks about the responsibility of the present generation and the adoption of sustainable practices to pass on to posterity, to grow and prosper through a quality life.

It is about all sustainable practices which had resulted in the innovation and enhancement of the well-being of humankind.

On reading Wisdom To A Sustainable Journey, the global youth and others will know how to understand and appreciate the purpose of being here and to be healthy in every aspect that is beneficial to society and nature.

Nirmal Mandal, the co-author, says, “Every country is in a mad race for economic growth even at the cost of the society. Human values and ethics are diminishing.”

“You can see there is culture of consumerism, dominance of technology companies, corporate greed, and global corporations are emerging as powerful empires, there is rising global inequality and egos of countries. These are the emerging maladies across the globe.”

“Interestingly, this year we celebrated 50th year of Earth Day on 22nd April, and entire world then went under lockdown. This background led us to write this book,” Mandal adds.

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