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Superfoods for skin

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Superfoods for skin

Eat Healthy, Eat Clean and have Superfoods for a glowing skin. Why? Because we need to nourish ourselves.

Hear this podcast to get answers to your questions like:

  • What all I need to eat for a good skin?
  • What should I include in my diets?
  • What food helps in repairing and regenerating my skin?

In this insightful podcast Dr. Rashmi Sharma shares tips on food for your healthy skin.

She believes that beauty comes from within. “What we eat and what we externally apply on skin, determine our skin health,” she says.

Do you need to add nuts or seeds in your diet and why? What effect lemon or yogurt has on your skin?

Find answers to all your queries in this podcast by expert dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Sharma.

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