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Plan your business

Leading India
Leading India
Plan your business

As a business owner you need to follow simple tips by expert Dr. Rajiv Goyal to prepare yourself as lockdown lifts.

The nationwide lockdown has hit hard but you urgently need to spring back for which you have to plan accordingly.

Hear this podcast for the Do’s and Don’ts for entrepreneurs.

Remember, every crisis brings with it some unseen opportunities.

If you are willing, Dr. Rajiv Goyal’s podcast is the best thing to listen to, at this point.

More about Dr. Rajiv Goyal

He is an alum of Indian Institute of Management-Lucknow, Jack Welch Management Institute USA and Wharton online, University of Pennsylvania, USA. He is working for over 15 years in Small and Medium Enterprises and mid corporate space in India, in various roles and capacities. Dr. Rajiv Goyal conducts interactive workshops to train Business Owners to chart out a Business Growth Plan. You can write to him on info@passion2grow.in or get in touch via phone no. 8882397510

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