Menstruating Women organise Period Feast in Delhi
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Menstruating women hold Period Feast

Don’t challenge their dignity
Because they know their worth

To uphold the dignity of women, a Delhi NGO Sachhi Saheli organized ‘Period Feast’ which was attended by people from all walks of life including Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

Menstruating Women organise Period Feast in Delhi

The event was organized on February 23 at the Central Park in Delhi’s Mayur Vihar, in response to a recent incident in Gujarat where students were made to strip to prove they weren’t menstruating, so that they could enter kitchen and temple premises in their college.

Several girls and women are subjected to restrictions in their daily lives simply because they are menstruating.

People from all walks of life attend Period Feast in Delhi in support of menstruating women

Altogether 28 menstruating women prepared and served food at the Period Feast- Mahawari Mahabhoj hosted by Dr. Surbhi Singh and her team at NGO Sachhi Saheli.

One of the activists Ranjana said, “All these restrictions do not hold any importance today. If the women of the house do not cook, who will feed our families? We just need to be hygienic.”

Period Feast by menstruating women in Delhi

Besides Sisodia, theatre director Arvind Gaur, activist Kamala Bhasin and Metropolitan Magistrate Vidhi Gupta Anand participated in the feast to honour women and menstruation.

They also signed a pledge to stand in solidarity with Sachhi Saheli in rejecting the myth that women are impure and impious during menstruation.

Activists protest in novel way in support of menstruating women

Sisodia said, “In modern times, there’s nothing pure or impure about menstruation, it is a natural biological process that should be taken as it is.”

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