Roman Holiday movie
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Leaders need to learn from classics

Such As Roman Holiday

Are politicians mechanized to be thick skinned? Do Statesmen understand human relations and sentiments while discharging their duties? Do they carry their hearts?

There is more than one reason why our politicians and officials need to see ‘Roman Holiday’, a 1953 movie.

It will be good to have people like Princess Ann – character played by Audrey Hepburn – in our parliament who emerge better persons after falling in love and understanding its meaning.

Roman Holiday is a film by William Wyler where the protagonist is a Royal Princess.

She is on an official tour and is visiting different countries. While visiting Rome, she breaks protocols in order to amuse herself and goes on doing a series of desirable things.

Eventually, she falls in love with Joe Bradley, character played by Gregory Peck, and this love experience, though short lived, changes her completely.

She becomes a better person, a responsible leader, a confident human who does not speak the doctored lines.

Roman Holiday movie

She breaks hierarchy that existed between a Royal and commoners. She no longer remains a distant leader, far away from masses.

There is a particular scene towards the end of the film, where Princess Ann holds a press conference.

As usual, she is prescribed lines to speak to the media. But, she does things her own way with wisdom and good sense of understanding.

To a question asked by a journalist – What in the opinion of Your Highness, is the outlook for friendship among nations – the Princess replies, “I have every faith in it as I have faith in relations between people.”

This was an honest, unscripted answer. It was her genuine feeling which had come after she had realized the meaning of love and human connections.

Such a leader can do wonders and can baffle anyone. This was demonstrated so well in the film.

Further, the Princess goes down the stage and personally meets the journalists. The Royalty was never supposed do such acts but she did: spreading the message of solidarity.

In a nutshell, Roman Holiday is journey of a person who emerges as an outspoken leader with firm understanding from just being a puppet and show piece of the system.

Works with great minds who have good hearts.