Do you have adolescent child?

How to cope with your child growing up?

During our childhood, while watching TV, many a times we were asked to bring a glass of water and we knew the reason behind. “Check who is on the door!” “Will you get me a glass of water, please!” “Please go and turn off the lights inside!”

It was when any of the advertisements or scenes related to love, close encounters or of any adult products were telecast. Our parents were not ready to face our queries and explain to us what all it was!

They even felt awkward to see love-making scenes on TV or in theatres, with us. As time passed, parents became aware and frank to make their kids understand all about the physical changes and to maintain the mental balance during the adolescence.

While dealing with kids, one finds a kind of similarity among them all. They are curious and always ready to research, explore and discover. They keep enquiring about the things they are not clear with.

You would even find those little masters who develop a sense about things related to their bodies at an innocent age of four of five. Imparting proper education is thus very important and identification of individual and own body are one of the first steps towards it.

At the age of 9-10, few physical changes start taking place and many a times the children are not ready to accept it. This is the time when we should initiate the process and put our first step forward.

Do you have adolescent child?

During this age, some little tips of behaviour and few changes occur in a child. This is wherein they are to be told very frankly about all kind of changes. No book is needed, no classrooms required, neither a serious environment is to be created.

It should come up very smoothly without any stress on a child. Children between 12-14 need to be told more about the physical changes and those above 14 must be told all necessarily required details about them.

It is at this stage that a child starts experiencing the different changes and gets confused. The children start discussing it with friends and scanning it on the net. They even watch adult sites and end up messing it all.

If parents give right education at right time, their child becomes confident and alert. There can be very healthy and friendly relationship between them and the child would never hesitate to speak and reach out to the parents.

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