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We talk about caste, our religion, our region, but when would we talk about our nation! When would that start?

This is why Raisina Hill news website. Raisina Hill, actually, is often used as a metonym for the seat of the Government of India.

That is why the news website has been named Raisina Hill, with the tagline – Leading India with news & info.

If Raisina Hill is an area of Lutyens’ Delhi, housing India’s most important government buildings, the idea behind the news website is to help people acquire leadership skills.

Attempts are also made to produce news in a manner so as to help students excel in their studies and succeed in competitive examinations. 

Podcast by Abhishek Gupta wherein Raisina Hill founder Neeraj Bhushan is interviewed, Content Edit: Ranadeep Ghosh, Photo: Ranadeep Ghosh, Concept: Geetanjali Kaul.

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