Dress Code to build your Office Image

What is office image?

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What is office image?

Dress up well as appearance counts, says Chithera, an image consultant from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In this podcasts, she says you should appear like the role you aspire to be. “This helps in building your confidence for effective communication.”

Chithera has been in active corporate life for more than 25 years now. Her practice is customer-centric and observational.

She specializes in power dressing, etiquette and communication. Lately, she has also included personal branding in her ambit.

For any queries on image consulting, please feel free to write at chitherab@googlemail.com

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Divya Dixit in conversation with Chithera, Content and Audio Edit: Ranadeep Ghosh. Podcast Sponsor: Mind & Body Wellness Clinic, Voice Credit: Ranadeep Ghosh.

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