Make your life better by spending time with family
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How much family time you have?

to take or not to take!

Unexamined life is not worth living. Every once in a while it is pretty good idea to stand back and look at ourselves. This you can achieve during a sabbatical.

Make your life better by spending time with family

Socrates also claimed that only in striving to come to know ourselves and to understand ourselves do our lives have any meaning or value.

Let’s look at our lives. Do you see the picture coming out of your life, the way you wanted to?

Sabbatical helps you understand your life, in many more ways.

A job comes with its own sets of duties and responsibilities. There are deadlines, and targets to achieve.

At times even weekends are sold out in preparations for the hectic weeks.

Hear this podcast which tells you how sabbatical even gives you time to spend with your family.

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