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Dr. Rajiv Goyal: Run your business on auto mode

Interactive Online Workshops
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Renowned Business Coach Dr. Rajiv Goyal says his Interactive Online Workshops are helping business owners in running their businesses in auto mode.

“I am conducting both interactive online and offline workshops to train Business Owners on how to chart out a Business Growth Plan for next 5-10 years, on a monthly basis, and then how to run their business on auto mode, ultimately leading to exponential business growth,” he told Raisina Hill.

Dr, Rajiv Goyal of Passion2Grow

“As a business owner you know only your inside story, while as a mentor, I guide you to grow your business multi-fold by drawing experience from years of work put in other businesses and through use of simple yet incredibly powerful practical tools and techniques,” says Dr. Rajiv Goyal.

According to Dr. Goyal, the language and manner of his workshops are mostly Hindi, which is why the business methods are well appreciated by the participants. “Business owners who have attended my workshops, vouch for the simplicity and effectiveness of the methods,” he said.


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Dr. Rajiv Goyal said his next batch of Business Growth Program is being launched with the objective of eliminating the dependency of business on the business owner.

“During the upcoming program, I will hold a series of Online Interactive Workshops wherein the participants will be able to see me and ask questions on real-time basis. Each workshop will be of 100 minutes conducted every 15 days over a period of six months,” he informed.

“We are planning fresh workshops wherein one interactive online workshop will be held after every 15 days, with a total of 15 Live Interactive Workshops, including two personal online sessions,” Dr. Goyal said, adding “My Online Interactive Workshops are most suitable for Business Owners, Partners, CEOs, MDs and Start-up Founders during which they will learn to run their business on auto mode.”

Benefits of Dr. Rajiv Goyal’s Online Interactive Workshops

  • Your business will shift from being people-dependent to process-dependent.
  • All the business compliance will be done on-time. No mental tension.
  • You will be able to devote quality time to your family.
  • You will be able to create and walk the growth path of your business for the next five years.
  • Your business will be ready for an exponential growth.

Other Benefits of attending Online Interactive Workshops

  • Enough time between two workshops, for effective implementation of the growth strategies and processes.
  • Follow-up by Passion2Grow team in-between the workshops to ensure strategy implementation.
  • Each participant gets to attend a personal online video session of 60 minutes, with Dr. Rajiv Goyal.
  • First 10 participants benefit further with two personal online video sessions of 60 minutes each.
  • Early bird discounts upto 25 per cent of fees, with 100 per cent money back guarantee.

Dr. Rajiv Goyal’s workshops are held in Hindi and English depending on the language preference of the participants who can join his Live Sessions from any place. Most importantly, identity of participants are not made public even as they can ask questions from Dr. Goyal on real-time basis during the workshop.

For enrolling into Dr. Rajiv Goyal’s Online Interactive Workshops, write to him at rajiv@passion2grow.in or contact via mobile numbers 8882379300 and 7217611607.

Dr. Rajiv Goyal, a full-time graduate from IIM, Lucknow, is a G Certified Business Coach and was also awarded by Business World magazine. For more information on Dr. Rajiv Goyal, you can visit his website.

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