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Does the end of lockdown mean end of corona?

People looking light at the end of the tunnel
shouldn't expect life to return to normal all at once

If you believe that the end of current lockdown will signal the end of the novel corona, you are mistaken. The purpose of this lockdown is to flatten the curve and slow down the progress of the spread of this virus.

The government’s motive behind the lockdown is to ensure that the Corona Virus Disease of 2019 (COVID-19) does not spread so fast that the country’s medical facilities are unable to handle it.

What is being aimed at is that the virus does not spread at an unmanageable rate. It is hoped that by the time the government lifts the lockdown, the growth rate of the spread of this virus is controlled.

But, at the same time, it is feared that we would continue to witness new cases even after that, although at a lesser rate.

What we need to understand is that the novel corona is a new strain of virus against which we do not have a cure yet.

What does this mean?

This means that the virus is here to stay till the time we either develop a cure for it or our immune systems become so strong that we can withstand its impact on our body.

As things stand today, the cure for this virus is quite far away. Researchers across the world are trying to develop a vaccine for this deadly virus but the process as we know is a long one.

So we have to wait at least a year for the development of an effective vaccine for prevention of this virus.

Reopening the country, its roads, railways, markets and factories will require large numbers of health workers to track new COVID-19 infections.
Reopening the country, its roads, railways, markets and factories will require large numbers of health workers to track new COVID-19 infections.

Till that time, the novel corona virus is going to occur and affect people, especially the ones with weak immune system and inadequate antibodies to fight it.

What can be done?

It is being asked – should we stay in the lockdown for a longer period? No, because staying in lockdown means we are hiding from the virus and once we come out, we make ourselves susceptible to it.

The need of the hour is to come out and make ourselves strong. Develop a strong immune system by eating and sleeping well besides exercising regularly.

Another important thing is to restrain oneself from venturing out unnecessarily even after the lockdown is over.

This is important not only for your own safety but others.  Also, this will again help restrict the growth of virus and allow the government authorities to handle the situation better.

Gravity of situation remains

So, remember end of the lockdown does not mean return to normalcy. It means allowing ourselves to work and the economy to function while taking precautions for preventing the fast spread of the virus.

Undoubtedly, different feelings of restlessness are on many of our minds, but all of us need to be disciplined, and stay alert to any kind of symptoms.

We can’t afford to have multiple community outbreaks that can spiral up into sustained community transmission. Together, make it hard for the virus, and we can beat this.

On the individual front, we all need to become more conscious and adopt measures like regular use of masks and gloves even if we have common cold.

And last, but not the least keep following social distancing and be prepared for intermittent lockdowns till the problem is resolved fully, for no politician can right now say when the pandemic will end.