Wings To Fly

Deepak Sharma's book Wings To Fly launched by NGO Udayan Care

In this podcast, Deepak Sharma of Udayan Care NGO gives a sneak peek into his remarkable life as his book Wings To Fly is launched.

See you soon, India

Podcast by Raisina Hill. Hear audi on earphones.

Hear this podcast from German town of Nufringen, which is about 30 mins away from Stuttgart. It has been a month of isolation for the people at homes.

What after lockdown?

purpose of this lockdown is to flatten the curve and slow down the progress of the spread of this virus. The government’s motive behind the lockdown is to ensure that it does not spread so fast that the country’s medical facilities are unable to handle it.

As you prepare to open shops, think deeply before you start meeting people outside, or take to travelling or partying. Getting back will take time.

Corona effect on our jobs

Will lakhs of people be left without jobs? How will they manage to pay their loans? Another concern area is the migrant workers stuck up in big cities.

Opening up isn’t easy

Gender Neutrality Podcast

This podcast is about the personal experiences of a person who came out to his family after watching Web Series ‘Made in Heaven’ on Amazon Prime Video.